Art In The Time Of Corona

Art In The Time Of Corona

How To Get Your Art Fix During Lockdown

Lockdown has seen the vast majority of us having to give up our hobbies and pastimes in favour of endless walks and Netflix marathons.

If your idea of a good time was wafting around trendy art galleries in search of trendy wall art, then you may be feeling despondent at the lack of options when it comes to purchasing new artwork. The art industry has been hit particularly hard during the pandemic with many smaller galleries having to close their doors for good. However, if your kitchen wall decor needs updating then there are still a number of options available.

The Rise of Printable Art

Technology has enhanced the artmaking process and many artists use it to create stunning artworks using digital drawings, photo manipulation and 3D printing. One of the main benefits to consumers is the ability to purchase downloadable prints directly from artists and
print them at home or through a professional printing company.
Printable art is not only cheaper than purchasing from a gallery, it offers far more choice with everything from kitchen wall art to botanical illustrations available for instant download. By purchasing digital art directly from the artist, you can also request a particular size or even commission a custom artwork.

How to Choose Printable Art For Your Home

The beauty of digital art is that price is no longer an inhibitory factor when choosing a print for your wall. There are many different artworks available that can be used to create a certain theme for your interior decor or transform a bare wall. All this choice may feel overwhelming, and it can sometimes be difficult to select the perfect print for your home. The first thing to consider would be the scale of the print you need. Most artists are able to adjust the scale of their prints but it is important to check before making a purchase to ensure that the image can be printed to your chosen size without affecting picture quality. Feature walls that contain many smaller prints are a wonderful alternative to one large image, and google is full of inspiration on how to make this work in your space. If you decide to print your artwork at home, then be sure to use top quality ink and paper for a professional finish.
Finally, framing your artwork is almost as important as the print itself. Different frames can completely transform wall art and the right choice will help the image to stand out.
Don't be afraid to experiment with different colours, materials, and textures when choosing how to mount your art print.

Printable art is a fast and easy way of owning an original artwork. You will also have control over many aspects of the design including size, print surface and framing, meaning you can customize the artwork to fit your home. Selling digital art is an ideal option for artists as they do not have the overheads of printing and postage costs which frees up more time for actually creating art. Like technology, art is constantly evolving and printable art offers many benefits to both artists and consumers.