Five Interior Design Trends For 2021

Five Interior Design Trends For 2021

If there is one thing we have learned from 2020, it is the importance of where we live. Before the pandemic, the vast majority of us would spend most of the day outside either working, visiting friends or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Since Covid forced many of us inside, the importance of an aesthetically pleasing yet functional living space has become painfully clear. The predicted design trends of 2021 reflect a desire to return to a more simple life surrounded by natural materials, rural-style decor and colorful wall art in soothing earth tones.


Before Covid, the hot topic was climate change, and the need to revise the way we live to protect our planet is more important than ever. Interior designers predict an even greater demand for sustainable furniture made from recycled materials, bioplastics and other low-impact solutions. 2021 will see us move further away from the mass produced metal and plastic furniture popularised during the industrial movement, and embrace reclaimed furniture that leaves less of an impact on the planet’s resources.


Following on from the sustainability trend, art and craft decor is huge right now with everything from hand drawn Scandinavian wall art to artisan rugs becoming the must have items of 2021. Traditional skills such as carpentry, pottery and weaving are enjoying a comeback as we start to appreciate the time, energy and love that goes into creating handmade pieces.

Natural Beauty

Houseplants fell out of favour for a brief period at the start of the century when homes were clean, minimalist and bare. 2020 has seen them back with a vengeance along with a desire for homegrown herbs, fruits and vegetables either in containers or planted outdoors. Interior design Instagram accounts are filled with photos of leafy indoor jungles, while online plant delivery services seem to be the new cupcakes for mumpreneurs. For those without a green thumb, nature-inspired textiles, botanical illustrations and bamboo fibres are a low maintenance option.


The Cottagecore aesthetic gained momentum during lockdown with many influencers sharing idealistic photos of a rural, old world style that stripped life back to its bare basics. The movement glorifies outdoor life and is said to have gained popularity as an antidote to the stresses of modern life and it’s ultra fast pace. Freshly baked bread, embroidery, thrifting, food wall art and handmade clothing are all important components of cottage core. Interior designers have embraced this trend by mixing rustic wooden furniture and traditional gingham and checked fabrics with a muted colour palette.

Warm Earthy Tones

Farrow and Ball predict that their most sought after paint colours for 2021 will be natural tones such as Tanners Brown, Preference Red and Deep Earthy Brown. It's not surprising that after such a tumultuous year, most of us just want our homes to offer a refuge from the outside world. Earth tones are not confined to walls, and other ways to utilize the trend include coloured textiles, living room wall art and painted furniture.

Millions of people have had to make the shift from showing up to the office every day to working from home, and this new way of operating is expected to become the norm. The days of flashy chrome and glass offices filled with minimalist furniture will soon become a thing of the past. The need for comfort, warmth and nostalgia have now taken precedence over hustle culture, and that shift will be reflected in the home decor trends of 2021.